We regret interrupting your day, but a matter was brought to our attention requesting action. The following reason was given:

1). Repeated attempts to enlist your help in solving a shared problem proved fruitless; or ...

2). You were unnecessarily and cruelly rude. You used sharp words and someone was wounded; or ...

3). You are the source of an especially painful use of the English language (bad pun); or ...

4). You broke someone's heart

5). Any reason at all ... you choose

Someone has asked for redress, and the request came with undress. For callous disregard of pain caused and for being a general shit, you have been nominated for: The Bad Banana Award. Congratulations on being accepted!

Signed: The Smiling Sage

On behalf of: Your own avenging self

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This is the most customizable of the eCards currently available. Any part, or all, of the above greeting may be removed or changed to say exactly what needs to be said. Your picture and message are yours to personalize on the mouseover page. You may skip this notice entirely and send your eCard link directly. This can be your poster to the world on our Gallery page, or kept as your Secret Garden on the web. 

Edible Suggestibles

~ You could have had this ...

~ Bad Bananas need chocolate and ice cream ... where's the whip?!

~ You wish ...

~ I like Bad Bananas ... you were fun!

~ Bite me!

Personalize you message! It hurts better!

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First Prize - for shame!